1.Dedication to the needs of our clients

Our services are not exclusively directed to large companies, but also to small and medium-sized companies.

Our firm gladly answers the requests of such small and medium-sized companies. In fact, while we acquire effectively and efficiently patent and trademark rights for our clients, these intellectual property rights help them grow not only in Japan, but also abroad.

Owing to our professional expertise in the intellectual property field, we provide our clients with the best consulting services and, in order to maximize their benefit, we are fully dedicated to serving their needs.

2.Dedication to our work

Our clients’ companies are not only located in and around Tokyo, but also in relatively distant regions.

As we value the importance of having direct contacts with our clients, we do not hesitate to travel to these relatively distant regions in order to meet them. In fact, it is our belief that we can obtain better and stronger patent rights if we can confirm with our clients the nature of their new inventions while directly looking at them.

We are also sometimes requested to obtain intellectual rights for inventions that have been developed in foreign countries, in our clients’ local laboratories or factories. Even in such cases, while dealing with law amendments in Japan and abroad, we carry out thorough prior art and related technology searches, and we always aim to write clear claims and specifications, which can easily be handled during prosecution.

Moreover, by quickly capturing the essence of the inventions, we make every effort to provide our services in a relatively short time and at a reasonable cost.

In other words, we are fully dedicated to our work for our clients and we are committed to always doing our best in order to ensure that they maximize their benefit.

3.Dedication to the results of our work

We are sometimes requested to obtain intellectual rights for breakthrough inventions. In such cases, the inventions may generate profits for our clients and become key technologies in the near future.

In addition to acquiring intellectual property rights quickly and reliably, it is of great importance to obtain patents with a broad protection, in other words, strong patents in your country and abroad. For applications abroad, for example in South Korea and China, we frequently keep in touch with the local representatives and, in situations we consider difficult, we conduct direct interviews with the local examiners. This attitude has proved to bear fruit, as we managed to obtain the patent rights out of many complex cases.

Not only are we fully dedicated to our work for our clients, but we are also fully dedicated to the results of our work and we are always willing to improve ourselves in order to maximize their benefit.

Intellectual Property Services EARTH ONE
President: Kenji Emori, Patent Attorney

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