Consulting services

In the field of intellectual property rights, if you are thinking of a new invention or a new trademark name, you will not be able to exploit them exclusively unless they are registered.

In our firm, we provide consultation services on a broad range of questions related to the field of intellectual property rights, for example, the steps to follow if you have invented something or for not copying an existing trademark name.

Furthermore, we are holding in-house seminars on patent acquisition and search and, accordingly, we also provide consultation services regarding technical and trademark investigations associated with the applications.

Services related to applications in Japan/acquisition of rights

In order to acquire intellectual property rights, it is necessary to prepare documents for patent applications, applications for utility model registration, design registration, and trademark registration, and submit them to the Japanese Patent Office.

In our firm, in order to satisfy our clients’ demands, we conduct quickly and appropriately the specific procedures from the application to the acquisition of rights in Japan.

Services related to applications abroad

For important inventions and trademarks, it is also necessary to file applications and obtain the intellectual property rights abroad.

In our firm, with an appropriate selection of foreign representatives, we conduct, reliably and at low cost, the specific procedures related to patent applications and applications for trademark registration in foreign patent offices.

Services related to infringements

Sometimes, problems of patent and trademark rights are raised in relation with business competitors.

In our firm, we prepare expert opinions on the effectiveness and infringement of patent and trademark rights, and we offer appropriate judgments or advice on the possible use of your company’s rights, or on the existence of infringement of other companies’ rights.

Also, in order to satisfy your demands, we conduct the specific procedures for verdict or invalidation trial requests.

Furthermore, in case of a trial on the use of your company’s rights or on the use of the rights of another company, we make every effort to obtain the best possible results in order to satisfy your demands in close collaboration with attorneys-at-law.

Intellectual Property Services EARTH ONE
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